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Welcome to Paint-Booth.com where we believe in earning your business with Quality & Service!

We offer Paint Booths, Spray Booths, Powder Coating Booths, Ovens and so MUCH MORE! Everything from small part paint booths to large truck and train booths.

We have a complete team ready to assist you with the acquisition & installation as well as design and integration of industrial finishing systems and equipment. We start with the layout & design phase to work with our customers from start to the finish. We offer standard size pre-engineered paint booths, ovens and powder booths as well as custom sizes to fit your needs.

About Paintbooth

When it comes to custom applications and design we are an industry leader. So whether you are adding finishing equipment to your current paint system or need to replace or add a new line we are here to help. No matter what type of finishing you do, from wood, planes, trains or automobiles and powder coating we got you covered. For your convenience, we also offer a complete line of replacement parts including filters, fans, gauges, gaskets, etc.

We also offer the highest quality compressed air solutions, featuring Mattei Compressors with rotary vane energy saving technology, Prevost aluminum airline and Tsunami air drying solutions.

Please feel free to look at our installation gallery for some of our most recent system installs, conveyors and other equipment.

When you are ready to start the design and implementation of your new industrial finishing system or paint booth give us a call at 800-768-7141

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